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Great White Wonder 1C,1D
(Other versions) source: Various

Side one: 
Baby please don't go 
Interview by Pete Seeger 
Dink's song 
See that my grave is kept clean 
East Orange New Jersey 
Man of constant sorrow 

 Side two:
Candy Man 
Ramblin' 'round 
Black cross 
Ain't got no home 
Death of Emmett Till 
Poor Lazarus 

Side three: 
New Orleans rag 
If you gotta go, go now 
Only a hobo 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
Mighty Quinn (take 1) 
This wheel's on fire 

Side four: 
I shall be released 
Open the door, Homer (take 1) 
Too much of nothing (take 2) 
Nothing was delivered (take 1) 
Tears of rage (take 2) 
Living the blues 

Sides 1 & 2: All 'Minnesota Hotel tape' material (Minneapolis, Dec. '61) except: 
Interview from Broadside show 3-62 
Side 4: All Basement tape material except: 
'Living' - Johnny Cash Show May 1 1969 
Side 3: The six songs here, in order, are from: 
'Another Side' outtake June '64 
'65 outtake released as single 
'Times' outtake '63 
'Highway 61' outtake '65 
Basement tape '67 
Basement tape '67

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TMQ version 
First GWW issue
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Information:  Other versions 
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There is a near endless variety of ways in which this LP can be found.  The same companies have packaged the same album many ways.  Some of these packages have been altered by the distributors, retailers, and even by the end line consumer.  Along with the minor intentional alterations (such as changes in insert color) there are inadvertent minor changes such as differing hues of the same color cardboard stock used for jackets, or raw vinyl used to press the LP.  It would be  not only a herculean task to try to document every insignificant minor unintentional variant, but would serve little practical purpose, and would be way beyond the scope even of this in-depth examination. 
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
There were, however, several oddities that need a mention, as well as many other versions that we will try to identify in this section. has verified a rare version that appeared in Berkeley, California in the fall of 1969. This version was not listed in Great White Answers, and only limited and uncertain information was include  in Raging Glory. It is the same version as the 1970 TMQ release, yet it seems to have appeared the year before. There are far more questions than answers about this release, but it is known that it came as a set in two seperate blank white sleeves. The labels were blank white as well. The first LP has a hand carved matrix of 11070 on side A, and 11071 on side B. Oddly, the second LP matrix does not run consecutively. The numbers on it are 11072 for side A and 11074 for side B. Where this set fits into the chronology of the first few releases is unknown.
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
gwa 1C - 1970 or 1971 saw  the release of this double USA album.  Like the original, it has no identifying marks.  Blank cover, blank labels.  It contains the same songs as the original, however sides 1 and 2 are reversed; and sides 3 and 4 are reversed.  The matrix  numbers are  MR A 14213 & MR A 14214  for each respectively.  The B sides of the albums have the same matrix as the A side, followed by a small "x".
5 stars     NMP125
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
gwa 1D - 1970 was also the release year of another blank label and blank cover  piece (although this cover has a large center hole to expose the blank label).  Again, same songs as the original ... accept " I shall be released" has been left off! The matrix is 40 A (B/C/D respectively) 6910 421.
5 stars     NMP125
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
There were also a couple of double LPs identified by Dennis Liff: 
One has a blank gatefold cover.  The first LP has a blank white label.  LP 2 has a grey label stamped: 
 'GWW  SIDE 3 (4).  the matrix is 001 (2/4) 
- [side three is blank] ;  I, II, III, IIII 
5 stars     NMP125
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
Another verified piece comes in two separate blank white jackets with a paper insert.  The insert says 
 "The original Great White Wonder".  LP one has a blank white label.  LP two  has a blank grey label.  The matrix is simply A, B, C, and D. Black vinyl.
5 stars     NMP125
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
Two unconfirmed doubles include an English version with one or two tracks omitted, and "Living the blues" on two tracks.  And GWW #41 reported in Hot Wacks from WCF (actually Berkeley). This possibly might have been confusion resulting from the 'Uncut version'
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Uncut version (gwa 2) 
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
This is a strange '70 or '71 title from USA or England
Click for more info
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Single LP versions
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
GWW single.  (gwa-4) pressed in England in 1969. The manufacturer, FD Productions, is not mentioned anywhere on the package. Created from a taped copy of the first album, the quality of this piece is a little dismal. There are no markings at all on the piece. Blank labels and blank cover.   Discussed in detail in Rolling Stone magazine No. 54.  Reported as the first English bootleg, this piece sold 1250 copies.  Matrix number is GWW LP1 A/B. this LP is a " best of" the two LP set. 
Also see "Just as well"
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
4 stars     NMP70
1999 Craig Pinkerton
Another LP appearing in the mid '70s was in a plain white cover. There is no title anywhere on the cover or LP. Blank labels, black vinyl. The LP contains the same program as disc 2 of the 3 LP set gwa19. The matrix is SIDE - 1/2.
5 stars     NMP70
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
The original GWW LPs have also been found in individual covers, presented as two singles. It is not know whether they were originally issued this way, or sets were simply split up. As with the original, there are no markings. Covers and lables are blank white.
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Matrix: GF 001/2/3/4
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
6 stars     NMP85 each
1999 Craig Pinkerton

Triple LP version
1999 Craig Pinkerton
gwa19   This 1970 set was the first ever triple Bob Dylan LP . It had a brown cardboard sleeve with a small titles stamp.  Matrix is A/B/C/D/E/F.  Blank green labels.  The first and third LP is the same as the original Great White Wonder.  The second LP are all basement a material.  This set also came in three separate Brown sleeves, and in a brown box.
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5 stars     NMP175
1999 Craig Pinkerton
gwa 1C, 1D etc.

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