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Grudge match
Zimmerman vs Weberman
source: Recorded phone conversation
Side one: 

The historic confrontation (part one) 20:50 
David Peel's ballad of A J Weberman 8:16 

Side two: 
The historic confrontation (conclusion) 29:20
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On January 6, & 9, 1971, the notorious Dylan stalker and self proclaimed 'Dylanologist' A.J. Weberman recorded phone conversations between he and Dylan. In 1977 he conned Broadside into releasing some of the conversation. The result was this Folkways Records release FB 5322 (Broadside #12).
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Front Cover
Back Cover
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The folks that released this 1988 LP were responsible for some of the best looking and sounding bootlegs in the industry. They always did a fantastic job. They released mainly Beatles LP's on the NEMS Label, and Lennon LPs on the Bag Label, but were responsible for many more incredible pieces. Their most famous Dylan release is Ten Of Swords. The label name changed with every artist, and would always be a name associated with that artist. The cover and label of this title state the Label to be 'Broadside  Records'. (The Label that originally released it). In the truest sense of the definition, this is a pirate record. However, it is considered a boot because the original LP from Broadside was not only issued without permission, it was promptly pulled from sales due to legal action initiated by CBS. 
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 9  stars       NMP25

Matrix: FB 5322

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