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Going Up the Castle Stairs
source:     Live 5-27-89

Side one: 
Subterranean Homesick Blues 
You Don't Know Me 
Most Likely You Go Your Way 
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
You're A Big Girl Now 
Just Like A Woman

Side two: 
Blowin' In The Wind (Instrumental) 
Don't Think Twice It's All Right 
Gates of Eden 
Girl of The North Country 
Give My Love To Rose 
Maggie's Farm

In essence, there are thirteen tracks from this 15 song concert. The "missing" tracks are:
"I shall be released" and "Like a rolling stone." 
an audience recording, obviously. 
In "Mr. Smith's" Vinyl Bootleg Column in ISIS #32 (August 1990) Mr. Smith mentions that the album's spine is blank, but it actually reads: "Bob Dylan Going Up The Castle Stairs" 
 Incidentally, the Christinehof Slott is a Castle in Sweden, hence the title...
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Another good, and relatively rare,1990 release from an unknown European Label. The record labels are blank white. There is no company name or logo on either LP or sleeve.   Black vinyl w/ song separation. 
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A very thin 'Euro-style' white sleeve with "Bob Dylan" and "Going Up The Castle Stairs" in red lettering. The 
names (in smaller case and in black ink) of  "G.E. Smith/ Kenny Aaronson/ & Christopher Parker" are also featured on the cover. 
Front cover photo is a black and white "newsprint" style photo of a hooded Bob with the band taken from the 
audience over several rows of audience heads. 
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A black and white repro of the "Tour 88" poster with a black and white inset of Bob (again, wearing the hood) playing an electric guitar. In red lettering is the track listing and the credit "Recorded live at Christenhof, Slott in Sweden May 27, 1989." 
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7-8 stars    NMP50 
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MATRIX: AS-18-A/AS 18 - B
(No "dash" after AS on Side B)
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Thanks to Hank Reineke for info
Thanks to Jan Piet de Ruiter for PDF image

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