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source: Various (See below)

Side one: 
Help *
Ramblin' 'round 
Bob Dylan's dream 
Tomorrow is a long time 
New Orleans rag 
Walls of red Wing 

Side two: 
Hero blues 
Who killed Davy Moore? 
Gates of Eden * 
If you gotta go, go now * 
Long John ** 
Mighty Quinn *** 

Side three: 
Ballad of Donald White * 
Lay down your weary tune 
Percy's song

Side four: 
I'll keep it with mine* 
I was young when I left home** 
Ye playboys and playgirls*** 
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie**** 
Death of Emmett Till
He was a friend of mine
There is a 1975 CBM release with the same title. The only connection is that both releases include the title track. For years it was thought that this was a Dylan outtake from a Beatles/Dylan session. It sounds remarkably like Bob, but it is actually from an obscure USA band called "Family Frog".
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 label A
label B
label C
label D
This rare 2 LP set came out in Holland in 1970. There were 1000 copies pressed. It is the first known rock era bootleg LP to be pressed in Europe. It was produced by a group of collectors as a revolt against the high prices charged for the USA import 'GWW'. It is rumored that the group went by the name of  "The Nederlandse Producite Label". The cover and labels were all blank white. A few months later, the LP was reissued in a quantity of 1500. This second issue has a small 'help' title stamp on the front cover. The reissue labels are full printed with the song titles. 
The original issue is referred to as '42 A' by Dominique Roques' gwa... the  reissue as '42 B'.
Unfortunately, the sound quality of this title and its reissue is particularly bad. 
The sources are:
Side one: Town Hall, New York 4/63 except 
* Family Frogg 45 RPM (Not Dylan)
Side two: Town Hall except 
* BBC television 6/8/65. 
** Minneapolis, Dec. 1961 
*** Basement tapes 
Side three:
Times outtakes Except:
*Broadside show WBAI radio March 1962
Side four:
Finjan Club, Montreal June 1962 Except:
*Times outtake
**Minneapolis, Dec. 1961
*** Broadside office Jan 24, 1963 
****Freewheelin' outtake 
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3-5 stars          NMP200
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gwa 42
Matrix:  P 1970 H 1 A/B & P 1970 H 2 A/B
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