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He's Your Lover Now
source: Rehearsal '65 & '66 Live & studio
Side one: 

Medicine Sunday
Can you please crawl out your window 
I wanna be your lover 
Number one (instrumental) 
Visions of Johanna 
Side two: 
She's your lover now* 
Jet pilot
If you gotta  go, go now 
One too many mornings ** 
Like a rolling stone **
Side one
Sunset sound studios LA Nov-Dec-65
US tour rehearsals

Side two
CBS studio A  NY 6-16-65 Except:
  * CBS studio A  NY Jan. 1966
** ABC Theatre Edinburgh, Scotland 5/20/66
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This great 1985 release from Germany originally came in a slick black and white cover. There were a couple of different issues the first year including black vinyl, green vinyl, blank labels, and silver labels with a large 1/2 indicating each respective side.
In 1986 there was a 3rd release with a blue cover, marble vinyl, and a deluxe custom label featuring a cartoon of Dylan in a scarf.

7-8 stars      NMP50

Matrix:  1965 A/B

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