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Idiot Wind Again
source: studio outtakes 

Side one: 
Someone's got a hold of my heart 
Lord protect my child

Side two: 
Tangled up in blue 
You're a big girl now 
Idiot wind 
If you see her, say hello

Side three: 
Lilly, Rosemary, and  the jack of hearts 
Licence to kill 
Don't fall apart on me tonight 
Blind Willie McTell 
Sweetheart like you

Side four: 
Drifting too far from shore 
Who loves ya true 
Go away little girl 
I and I 
Neighborhood bully 
Man of peace

Idiot Wind with Insert cover
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Front Cover
Back Cover
From the Toasted Label's Australian collection.
The original RSR Label album to appear in this cover was called Highway 80 Revisited. The cover was not too bad, and had been printed in large quantity. The powers that be decided that the way to save a dollar would be to use the cover over and over ... A white sticker touting 'IDIOT WIND AGAIN' covers the original title. On the back cover, another large white sticker lists the songs and covers the original ones. 
There is no information as to what the songs are, where they are from, or anything else for that matter. When this cover ran out, it was replaced with a generic one.

The Label  name on the spine says International records. The record labels say oz.  Put it altogether and what do we get? Why ... it's the TMQ guys! 

They really could have done a little better with this 
project.  The vinyl is a  very nice looking translucent marbelized purple or red.  But, the quality of 
the  recordings are as lacking as the cover

4-7 stars      NMP45

Matrix:  11953 A/B/C/D also on all sides: L-26335 (on side three, the paper label covers most of this number)

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