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John Birch society blues 
(Other versions)  gwa 13E etc.
source: outtakes 
Side one: 

Mixed up confusion 
East Laredo 
I'll keep it with mine 
John Birch Society blues 
Who killed Davy Moore? 
Eternal circle 
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie 

Side two: 
I was young when I left home 
Percy's song *
Corrina Corrina **
In the evening 
Long John 

1) CBS 45 released in 1962 
2) "Another side" outtake June 1964 
3) "BIABH" outtake 1965 
4) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63 
5) Carnegie Hall October 26, 1963 
6) "Times" outtake 1963 
7) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63 

Side 2 
Minneapolis, December 1961 except: 
  * "Freewheelin" outtake 1963 
** CBS 45 released in 1962 

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Unrelated 2 LP gwa18
Original GWW release
Early John Birch releases
TMOQ releases
Berkeley releases
Zorange release
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First J. Birch  release
Previous J. Birch  releases

Front Cover
Back Cover
Information:    John Birch Society Blues
Other versions 

There is a stamped title cover release of this LP that little is known about. The matrix is 773 A/B.  It is pressed on black vinyl with blank labels.  (possibly a Berkeley release ... although it is unclear why it would have been pressed from a different master. 

 Another release of unknown origin is gwa13E. It has a blank white cover with a blue insert as shown in above photo. The matrix is 509. It's a copy of the TMQ release. Released in 1978, it is possible that this series was done by one of the TMQ partners. 

There were also completely different albums that used this title and/or are referred to by this name.  One is the CBM matrix number 616/617 with no title. It is often referred to as 'John Birch' because of the song included on this LP. The companion album 614/615 is referred to as Stealin ' for the same reason.  This set was also released a couple of different ways by TIT / TAT and others.  They were issued as two singles and also packaged together as a double LP
The  unrelated 2 LP gwa18  English LP also goes by this title.

In 1981 the Spanish Label Zorange released a quasi legitimate piece with this title.  It contains the same songs as the original in a different order.  It had a deluxe color cover, black vinyl, and orange full printed labels.  The matrix number was S-8015-A/B. 

13E  6-7  stars   NMP70 

Matrix: BD 509

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