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Just As Well 24
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Side one: 
Baby, I'm in the mood for you 
Guess I'm doing fine 
Quit your lowdown ways
Gypsy Lou
Watcha gonna do 
Percy's song * 
Hero blues 

Side two: 
Mama you been on my mind * 
Lay down your weary tune 
I'll keep it with mine** * 
Moonshine blues 
Only a hobo 
Who killed Davy Moore?*** 
This same 'Just as well' title was used for another German release of GWW material. However, the two LPs are in no way related.
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Information:© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com 
This 1970 German piece from an unknown label  is not only very rare, but quite odd as well. Firstly, the title itself is a bit of a mystery.Originally released in a blank gatefold cover with blank labels (gwa 46A). The LP soon came out in a very strange cover out of Sweeden. The original 'In Concert' covers were directly painted with a large title in red, and then blotted out with a blue spot! (gwa 46 B) 
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Side one: Witmark demos except:
              * Times studio outtakes 1963
Side two:  Times studio outtakes 1963 except: 
*** Carnegie Hall 10/26/63 
**Witmark demo
* Another Side outtake CBS studio NY 6-9-64 
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6-7 stars   NMP150 
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gwa 46
Matrix: BD 1 A/B
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