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Manchester Prayer
source: 5/17/66

Side one: 
She belongs to me 
Fourth time around 
Visions of Johanna 
Mr. tambourine Man
Side two:
Desolation row 
Just like a woman 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
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Front Cover
Back Cover
A fantastic 1990 release from the undisputed kings of the bootleg: Luxembourg's Swingin' pig.  Most of the Pig's releases could rival those of the major Labels.
To start with there is an incredible photo of Bob, gold type on black cover, and full information on back.  Custom made anti-static inner sleeve, great looking custom made labels, and a beautiful virgin blue vinyl.  And of course, the usual high quality Swingin' Pig recording.  This LP was mastered with Sonic solution's digital NoNOISE system. Side one is Manchester, but the confusion over the recordings led to side two being from London. This release was also on CD... Of course, just being released on official CD; the Manchester show can finally be heard in all it's glory 

8 stars           NMP50

Matrix: 054

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