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Melbourne, Australia 

source: April 1966

Side one: 
Fourth time around 
Visions of Johanna 
(Bob introduces it as "Mother Revisited") 

Side two: 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
Desolation row 

There were two shows in Melbourne in April of 1966. One was on the 19th, the other was the next day on the 20th. Both full shows also included the songs: She belongs to me, Just like a woman, Tell me Mama, Baby let me follow you down, & Just like Tom thumb's blues. 
It is not known which show(s)  the recordings came from. The full concert was finally released in 1987 as "Stars of '66 vol. 3

           gwa 74C                                     gwa 74D

This piece was also released in 1988 as 
Festival Hall

Cartoon cover:
In 1973 TMOQ created a  generic  cartoon cover  with a die-cut center hole, and issued 18 or so of their titles as collector's items in this numbered volumes series.  The albums had a unique additional reference number that generally matched the 'Issue volume number' for that LP. It has been suggested that this LP could possibly have been included as a 1974 release in this series.
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Front Cover
This great piece has a little bit of history. It was originally released in the US by TMQ in 1974. The cover was a deluxe color cartoon by William Stout as shown in the photo. The back cover contained a surrealistic 1974 Dylan drawing by R. Hoppe, a Norman Saxon story and song listings, as shown; with a TMQ original pig logo. The label was a full printed silver one. (gwa 74A). 

The cover was copied exactly except for the back cover logo, by the English Label FYG in 1974. It was released in a  thinner jacket on black vinyl with full printed black labels, and a  matrix  # FYG 7401   (gwa 74B). 

A 1976 TMQ reissue was simply a black & white xerox insert of the original front cover. As always, there was several slight package variations including full and die-cut jackets that were white or yellow; printed, blank, fake or '1 & 2' labels; and various insert colors (gwa 74C). 
Also issued as limited edition splatter vinyl

1978 saw the release of this piece by the US label K&S. They used the same master plates as the TMQ version. The cover was a pink insert with the K&S logo and reference # K&S 019 added. The labels were the generic 
GLC b/w Kornyfone. The vinyl was yellow. This is a rare piece with only one hundred pressings. (gwa 74D). 

In 1984 an unknown British label released a version that was a near copy of the '74 FYG release. It was pressed from a new master and had a blank or generic RTS label (Radio Transcription Service)  The matrix is: 
BSM 4 SIDE 3  (& small 'gB') / BSM 4 ASIDE 4. This is the actual piece that is photographed above. 

8 stars       NMPA&B60,C50,D75,E45 

gwa 74
Matrix: A,C,&D =   BD 552 A/B  B =  FYG 7401 A/B

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