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Now your mouth cries Wolf

source: '65 studio outtakes    gwa 106A 

Side one: 
I wanna be your lover 
Please crawl out your window (fast) 
From a Buick six * 
Visions of Johanna (Freeze Out)** 
She's your lover now 

Side two: 
Please crawl out your window (slow) 
It takes a lot to laugh 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
If you gotta go, go now 
She belongs to me 
Love - 0/no limit 

The original source tapes:
Side 1
Studio outtakes CBS, NY 10-20-65 except: 
 * CBS studio A, NY  June 16 1965 
**Sunset Studios LA Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 1965 

Side 2 
First 3 tracks:  Studio A, NY  June 16 '65 
Next 3 tracks: 'Bringing it all back' session CBS studio A, New York Jan. 14th & 15th 1965 

  Also see: 
'Reverse cover' release
And now your mouth cries whoops
Seems like a freeze out side 2
Stealin' side 1
RAH 1966 (The reverse cover)

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 Front Cover

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this  LP for very good reason. There was a lot of confusion surrounding its release! 

In 1974 there were business and personal ties between TAKRL, TMQ1, TMQ2, and Kornyfone Labels. 
This LP was released by TAKRL and /or TMQ  in 1974 using TMQ1 master plates from two different LPs. The reasoning was a good one... to create one LP of 1965 studio outtakes. It was such a good idea, that this same configuration was later used as one of the LPs in two different double LP releases. 'Barbed wire blues' and 'Tough songs
Side one  is pressed from the side two plate of 
'Seems like a freeze out'. 
Side two is pressed from the side one plate of 
Stealin'  (TMOQ version). 

The title came from the last line of 'She's your lover now' 

The original issue came out in a plain white jacket with no insert. The labels had a large 1 & 2. 
Matrix: BD 505 A / BD 501 B;  71-178/155 M 

The piece was then issued in reversed extra wrap-around covers of previously released titles. 
The matrix was 1802 A / 1805 B;  71-178/155 M 
(plus the previous matrices crossed out) 

Later in '74 the insert shown above was created. The label was plain yellow. The matrix was 1963 A (plus the previous matrices crossed out). 

In a subsequent run of 'Now your mouth cries wolf', the side 2 master plate of 'Stealin' was inadvertently loaded as stamper instead of the side 1 plate. This created a few new LPs by mistake. Rather than destroy their bastard creation, TAKRL created the  'whoops'  insert as an inside joke, and released the small number that was accidentally produced as that LP. 

5-7 stars       NMP70

gwa 106A
matrix: various (See above)

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