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Original Basement Tape
source: Big Pink Sessions

Side One:
Intro/Please Mrs. Henry
Million Dollar Bash 
Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread 
Waters of Oblivion
Lo and Behold 
Tiny Montgomery 
This Wheel's on Fire 
You ain't Going Nowhere

Side Two:
I shall be Released 
Too Much of Nothing (take 2
Tears of Rage (take 2)
Mighty Quinn (take 1)
Open the Door, Homer (take 1)
Nothing was Delivered (take 1)
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Not a lot is known about this title. This is one of the rare pieces that was not include in Roques' Great White Answers. It was issued by Bullfrog Records, and nothing else is known about that Label. A plain eggshell dust cover bares a purple rubber stamp title on the front. An 8x10 xerox insert is included inside that lists the tracks. The labels are plain, but side A is stamped with the manufacturers' name and frog logo. The best guess for a release date is 1972.
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7 stars     NMP75     

Matrix:     MX3643   1/2

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