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Rare batch of Little 
White Wonder Vol. 2
source: Minnesota tapes et al
Side one: 

Hard times in New York town 
Wade in the water 
That's all right Mama * 
New Orleans rag (cuts out)* 

Side two: 
Baby let me follow you down 
VD blues 
Suze ** 
All over you* 


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Joker also re-released Volume 1, 2, and 3 
 together in  a  Box set

Side 1 is Minnesota tape material except: 
* 'Another side' outtakes 
Side 2 is Minnesota tape material except: 
* Gil Turner tapes 1963 ** 'Times' outtake
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Front Cover
Back Cover
In 1981 this set was again released with all of the same song title mistakes. Great new covers were printed that used 1978 photos. There were also new labels printed up. (See composite photo above) The LPs were stamped from the original, clear sounding master plates they had used for seven years. 
This LP was born  In 1974 when the Italian Label Joker released the 2nd of the quasi-legitimate rare batch series in Europe.  The Original cover was a green cover with title, songs (some wrongly identified), and a small 1965 picture (83Aa). 
In 1978 it was re-issued with a great looking cover   (83Ab) with a photo from the Bangladesh show. The package displayed all of the earmarks of a major Label. Great cover, nice looking full printed labels,  & good sound quality. 
The only problems with this package are that it did not correct the mistakes listing the songs that was a problem in 1974, and  it does not list the source material for any of the songs. 
In 1975 The LP was released in Italy by BUHAY as Little white wonder Vol. 2 (gwa83C) Pressed from different master plates. 
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7 stars     NMP55
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