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Real Cuts at Last

source: Empire Burlesque studio outtakes 

Side one: 
New Danville girl* 
Tight connection to my heart*** + 
Clean-cut kid 

Side two: 
I'll remember you** + 
Seeing the real you at last** 
Something's burning #1* 
Trust yourself**  + 
Emotionally yours**  + 

Side three: 
When the night comes falling ***  + 
Never gonna be the same (not listed)*** + 
Straight A's in love (not listed)*** 
Waiting to get beat*** 
The very thought of you*** 
Firebird (Instrumental No. 1) 

Side four: 
Drifting too far from shore 
Who loves ya more 
Groovin' at Delta (Instrumental No. 2) 
Go 'way  little boy 
Something's burning #2* + 

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Here is another one of those " to die for" European releases of the late 80's.  This 1987 GWW release boasts a slick, gatefold cover.  Incredible life-size photo of Bob on front.  Nice photo on back with information on the album.  The inside gatefold is a little weak ... just the song listings.... but on this incredible package who would complain? 
The albums are a beautiful marbelized purple.  Standard GWW cartoon Bob in scarf  label. 
The songs are a near perfect studio quality direct from the master tapes. CBS has rarely released a package this nice on Dylan. Had the songs been listed correctly, and the source tapes listed; [both VERY minor details in this instance] this package would have been true perfection. 

The sources are all Empire Burlesque sessions: 
Late July 1984 Delta Studios, NY except: 
* Cherokee Studios, LA   Fall 1984 
** Cherokee Studios, LA   Jan. 1985 
*** The Record Plant, NY  Feb. 1985 
+ These songs are the original mix prior to 
Authur Baker's remixing 

8-10 stars         NMP55


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