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Robert and Sara

Side one: 
Jokerman (take two) 
Don't fall apart on me tonight (take two) 
Blind Willie McTell 
Sweetheart like you
Foot of pride 
Angel flying too close to the ground 

Side two: 
When I paint my masterpiece 
Hard rain 
What will you do when Jesus comes?* 
She belongs to me* 
It takes a lot to laugh 
House of the rising sun 
One more cup of coffee 
Sad-eyed lady of the  lowlands* 
Tangled up in blue 
Knockin' on heaven's door 
Telephone answer message (fake)
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Great 1984 package from Swedish Label MIW records. (The sleeve says made in Holland) Nice full color cover. Gold photo full printed labels. Includes a black and white photo insert. The first 100 copies came with a booklet. 
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Side one is the Infidel sessions  from NY's Record Plant Studios April 11 to May 8 1983. 
Side two is from the Renaldo and Clara soundtrack recorded at three different Fall 1975 venues. *Are from the R&C rehersals Oct 1975 
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7-8 stars     NMP45 
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Matrix:  39 A+B MR ROBERT / 39 B SARA
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