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Royal Albert Hall 1966 
(Swingin' pig release)
source: 'RAH'
Side one: 

Tell me Mama 
I don't believe you 
Baby let me follow you down 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 

Side two: 
Leopard skin pill box hat 
One too many mornings 
Ballad of a thin man 
Like a rolling stone 

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1989 Swingin' Pig
And so we've spun right 'round. Full circle. It would only be fitting that one of the first vinyl bootlegs should be one of the last as well. One of the greatest live shows in the history of the rock era deserves it's place in closing the decade and the era of vinyl. The Pig issued this title on both LP and CD in the best quality to date ... a quality only to be rivaled by the official Sony release nine years later. A title that Sony also agreed deserved it's rightful place on vinyl.
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Front Cover
Back Cover
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The Swingin' Pig released this album in 1989 on vinyl and on CD.  Although it has been released to death, you can't fault this incredible package.  The front cover is the rare Martin Sharp sixties poster.  The back cover lists lots of historical information.  Genuine piggy gold foil sticker on front.  Nice full printed labels (as was standard with this company in the late 80's) best feature # one: incredible looking white marble vinyl.  Best feature # two: great sound mastered from all new plates.  Of course, the source is the Manchester show; but in a testament to the longevity of the myth created by that handful of bootleg pioneers 30 years earlier, even the official Sony release of 1998 would be sub-titled 
The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert. 
Praise be to Nero's Neptune. 
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10 stars        NMP50
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In a move unique in the bootleg world, Swingin' Pig released a promotional 2 LP set in 1989 and included two of these 'RAH'  tracks. 
You can click here to see that LP
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