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Rare Batch of Little 
White Wonder
source: Minnesota tapes et al

Side one: 
California **
Grasshoppers in my pillow *
Baby please don't go 
Man of constant sorrow 
Only a hobo **

Side two: 
Candy man 
I ain't got no home 
The death of Emmet Till **
Poor Lazarus 
Farewell *

Side three: 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence *
If you Gotta go, go now **
She belongs to me 
Love - 0/no limit 
Dusty old Fair grounds ***

Side four: 
Can you please crawl out your window **
From a Buick 6 *
Lay down your weary  tune ***
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
It takes a lot to laugh *

Released by Joker since 1973, the previous year had seen a 'best of" this same material. In 1978  Joker also released Vol 1 and Vol 3 as single LPs and 3 years later included them in a   3 LP Box set

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Only in  1978 did the Italian Label Joker release this 
2 LP set, as part of the quasi-legitimate rare batch series.  It had a great looking grey cover with  photo of Bob at the Bangladesh show.  The package displayed all of the earmarks of a major Label. Great cover, nice looking full printed labels,  and good sound quality. 
The only problems with this LP are that there are many mistakes listing the song titles;  and  it does not list the source material for any of the songs. 
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6-8 stars     NMP80
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Cover ref:  3844/2 
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Side 1 is Minnesota tape material except: 
* Gil Turner tapes  1963  ** 'Times' outtake 
Side 2 is Minnesota tape material except: 
* Gil Turner tapes 1963
** Broadside show WBAI radio 3-10-63
Side 3:
'Bringing it all back home' outtakes except: 
* 'Highway '61' outtake 
** '65 outtake released as CBS 45 RPM
*** Unreleased CBS live LP '63
Side 4:
'Bringing it all back home' outtakes except: 
* 'Highway '61' outtake 
** '65 outtake released as CBS 45 RPM
*** 'Times' outtake
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