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Rare Batch of Little White Wonder
The Best of Bob Dylan
source: Various outtakes 1962-65

Side one:
She Belongs To Me (6)
Love Minus Zero (6)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now (6*)
Lay Down Your Weary Tune (4)
Hard Times In New York Town (1)
Poor Lazarus (1)
Side two:
From a Buick 6 (8)
California (5)
Candy Man (1)
The Death Of Emmett Till (3)
Farewell (2)
Please Crawl Out Your Window (7)

The material was taken from the two LPs that have been issued since 1973 as Vol 1 & Vol 3. of the Rare Batch series, with one track (Hard Times In New York Town)  from the Vol 2 issue. The year following this release, Joker re-released Vol 1 and Vol 3 as single LPs in a cover with a photo from the Bangladesh concert. 3 years later, Joker included them in a 3 LP Box set. As is par for the course with this label, the track list on the cover and labels is a complete mess. The tracks are erroneously listed as follows:

A1    Lady Down Your Weart Tune [sic]
A2    Dusty Old Fairgrounds 
A3    From A Buick  [sic]
A4    Love Minus Zero 
A5    Hard Times In New York Town 
A6    Poor Lazarus 

B1    She Belongs To Me 
B2    California 
B3    Candy Man 
B4    The Death Of Emmett Till 
B5    Farewell Angelina 
B6    If You Gotta Go, Go Now
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Thanks to Joan Muntanyola for photos and info
© 2002 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com
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 Front Cover
Information: © 1998 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com
This material had been released continuously throughout the 70s in countless packages, and in several countries.
In 1977, the Italian Label Joker released this LP, which is supposedly the "best of" the same old material, in the same quality. Though the songs are the same, tired versions that had been around for more than a decade, the one new and exciting item was the cover photo. It's an incredible shot taken 3 years earlier on the Jan 3, 1974 concert stage of the Chicago Stadium. One thing that Joker prided itself on was trying to look the part of a legitimate Label. Indeed, because of the confusing Spanish and Italian copyright laws, this material was allowed to be sold in supermarkets and the like. It has made its' way to the USA as budget imports before, but rarely appeared in quantity. Joker LPs were always mastered from tape sources, new mothers were created, and the discs were always pressed with clean, new  plates. The downfall for the Label was not the countless repackaging jobs... it was the incredible lack of concern for the printed information about the songs.
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6-8 stars     NMP50
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Matrix:  LPUP.5122 A/B 
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(1) Minnesota 'hotel' tape
(2) Witmark & Sons demo
(3) Broadside show WBAI radio May 1962
(4) Carnegie Hall show, Oct 26, 1963
(5) CBS Studios NYC June 9, 1964 ASOBD outtake
(6) Jan 15, 1965 BIABH outtake *released as Euro 45 RPM
(7) CBS Studio A June 16, 1965 H61 outtake
(8) CBS Studio A July 30, 1965 H61 outtake
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