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San Francisco 
Press Conference
source: 12/65
Side one: 

Part one 

Side two: 
Part two 

A great looking quasi legitimate 1987 European black and white picture disc of an interesting press conference. One of the more interesting aspects of this picture disc is in the runoff area. Along with the matrix are etched: "Dylan 61" (obliterated), MPO (obliterated), along with a die stamp which reads 'Penthouse'. The background information to these matrices is uncertain, though most probably in reference to the otherwise unlisted manufacturer. As an added bonus, this late 80's piece came in its own black and white cover with a great photo of Bob, and lots of historical information. A recording was made of this LP, and released in 1997 as a CD by Baktabak
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Mono recording of the San Francisco Press Conference of Dec.3, 1965. Broadcast live by KQED TV. 
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7 stars      NMP50
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Matrix: HYWAY 61 
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