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Saint Valentine's Day 
Massacre & More
source: L.A. 2/14/74

Side one: 
Most likely you go your way 
Lay Lady lay 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 
Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 
It ain't me, babe 
Ballad of a thin Man
All along the watchtower (Not listed)

Side two: 
She belongs to me 
The Times 
Just like a woman 
Gates of Eden 
Don't think twice, it's alright 
It's alright Ma (I'm only bleeding) 

Side three: 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
It's all over now, Baby Blue * 
Mr. tambourine Man 
Knockin' on heaven's door 
Forever young 
Highway 61 

Side four: 
Like a rolling stone 
Maggie's farm 
Blowin' in the wind 
All I really want to do* 
Maggie's farm* 
Mr. tambourine Man*
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This is the 1975 Highway Hi Fi Collector's Edition Record  Label's release of the classic TMOQ box set from 1974. It copied the first 3 LP sides of that release, yet changed the track order. Side 4 is pieces from the soundtrack of the film 'Festival'  It's not great quality, but it was the first release to offer Newport material*. 
The source on sides 1-3 is: Inglewood forum, Calif. 2/14/74. This is the entire second show with the addition of It's all over now, Baby Blue (from the first show). 
There were several variations in packaging for this release. The plain colored jacket was yellow or blue. The insert was beige or light pastels. The labels were HHCER. Other labels include the package shown with one blank yellow and one yellow smokin' pig. There was also a release with plain labels, and one with TAKRL cartoon labels. It is not certain as to the release order of the various packages, however they were all at about the same time, or at least within months of each other. 
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5 stars    NMP70

gwa 99
Matrix:   2201 A/B/C/D (+ HIGHWAY HI FI on side 4)

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