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Seems Like a Freeze Out
source: Various

Side one: 
California * 
Lay down your weary tune * 
Dusty old Fair grounds** 
Grasshoppers on my pillow 
All over you 
Watcha gonna do 

Side two: 
I wanna be your lover 
Please crawl out your window (fast version) 
From a Buick 6 
Visions of Johanna 
She's your lover now 

Thanks to P. A. ten Haaf  for LP photos

There were many released versions of this LP. 
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 Front Cover
Information: © 1999 Craig Pinkerton
This classic 1971 L.P. from TMOQ was also released on Berkeley records in '72  as Visions of Johanna
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton
Side one is from the Gil Turner Home tape except: 
* 'Times' outtakes      * * CBS live recording '63. 
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Side two is studio tracks with the Band. 
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6-7 stars    NMP150
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Matrix:BD 501 / 71 154
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