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Seems like a freeze out
(Alternate versions)

 From the first release in 1971, this LP has undergone several changes, and been released in several variations. Below are known versions. There were also various combinations of the below features to form many different packages. 

TMOQ-1 versions (U.S.A., 1971)

gwa53A version 1: 
TMQ-1 with a rare back cover. 
(See pic below)  Title and songs  printed out.   original insert with 
no catalog number [see photo] 
 BD 501 A/B; 71-154/5 M.  Colored vinyl, 
TMQ-1 [B] labels (Original pig) [see photo] 

gwa53A version 2:
Same as above without rare back cover 

gwa53A version 3a:
Catalog number added to insert. 
White jacket with original pig sticker, title stamp; peach colored  insert with TMQ 71008 'sidepig' logo 
matrix BD 501 A/B 71-15 4/5 M 
transparent gold vinyl [see photo]. 
Orange TMQ-1 [A1 & A2]. 

gwa53A version 3b: 
Black vinyl, color and label variations.  Peach or yellow colored jacket, original pig, title stamp, Green insert.  TMOQ 71008.  BD 501 A/B. 71-154/5 M  Black vinyl.  White TMO Q labels with original pig. [B

Later variation on the TMQ-1 release: 
Xerox copy of the original insert  with "dead-head"  logo & BD-501 added. 
BD 501 A/B; 71-15 4/5M. 
Blank yellow labels. 

TMQ-1 version with different number. 
White jacket, title stamps. 
Orange/red vinyl.  Early TMOQ-1 style labels with large 1/2 [A1& A2

This LP was also issued in the 1973 generic cartoon cover as volume 5 . This issue was released with black vinyl and had the large
'full label pig' labels. [E

TMOQ-2 versions (U.S.A., 1974)

Changes began with the first re-issue of the 'new' TMQ.  First, a new reference on the cover insert (S-105).  Later, TMOQ-2  'smoking pig'  labels [D], an additional reference number (1805 A/B), and eventually, a new insert (live 1974). 71008 reference. 

In 1983 the whole original TMQ-2 package above was copied (original smoking pig labels duplicated,  insert released in bright colors, and another new ref. # added (71008 A/B) 

gwa53B version 1
First "TMOQ-2 version.  Basically, a TMOQ-1 release with a slightly altered insert (original TMOQ-1 insert with S-105 added. 
BD 501 A/B; 71-15 4/5M 

gwa53B version 2
Later TMOQ-2 version with a live 1974 inserts reference #71008.  This version has a number 1805 A/B added to matrix. 

gwa53B (re-issue)  One of the 1983 TMOQ-2  reissue LPs. A white jacket, blue insert  with live 74 picture.  TMOQ-2 " smoking pig '  TMOQ 71008. 
No. 71008 A/B  71-15 4/5M 
(Plus, a marked-out '1805 A/B'; and scrawled out 'BD 501 A/B') White TMQ-2 'smoking pig labels. [D

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 Front Cover
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gwa53A rare back cover

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Various TMOQ labels through the years

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