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Seven Days
source: Infidels outtakes 

Side one: 
Clean-cut kid 
Julius and Ethel 
Death is not the end 
Foot of pride 

Side two: 
Sweetheart like you 
I and I 
Someone's got a hold of my heart 
Lord protect my child 

Side three: 
Union sundown 
Tell me 
Blind Willie McTell 
Seven days * 

Side four: 
Buckets of rain * * 
Yonder comes sin * * * 
Need a woman * * * * 
Angelina * * * * 
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Here is another European piece that rivals the major Labels. This wonderful 1986 German release has it all. From an incredible photo on the front (Cropped from the 1985 CBS LP 'Empire Burlesque'), foil sticker title, full information on back cover ... to the beautiful vinyl  ... one clear, one snow white. 
The labels are fake TMOQ-2 Swingin' pig. 
The cover says Clean-cut productions. 
The source is Infidels outtakes except for 
* live 1976. 
* * 1975 studio outtake with Bette Middler. 
* * * 1980 rehearsal. 
* * * * Shot of Love outtakes 1981 

9 stars             NMP70

Matrix:  BD 7685  1/2/3/4

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