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Seventy Dollar Robbery
source: various
Side one: 

Wild mountain thyme* 
Moonshine Blues** 
Naomi Wise 
John Brown*** 

Side two: 
Jesse James/ Remember me** 
East  Virginia blues**** 
Folsom prison blues 
Ring of fire 
It ain't me, babe* 
George Jackson (acoustic)*** 
sources are:
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Side 1:
 "Minnesota hotel tape" (Dec.'61) Except: 
     * Isle of Wight 8/31/69 
  ** 'Times' outtake 
***  Witmark demos 
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Side 2:
 "Self Portrait" outtakes Except: 
      * Isle of Wight 8/31/69 
    ** Gleason Home tape 1961 
  *** CBS release 45 RPM 
**** NET-TV Scruggs documentary '69
Thanks to P.A. ten Haaf  for LP photos
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Front Cover
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The title of this LP is taken from a line in George Jackson. This is another confusing piece, as there were many package variations released. They include: 
1973 LP from the Contraband Music Label (CBM
One of the original releases (possibly the second) is pictured (gwa70A). There were various label colors.
It was also issued with a yellow glue-on insert. Sides 1 & 2 are reversed. 
Other packages include a blue vinyl version with insert, CBM LP logo, full printed green labels, & 3403 matrix. 
-And- a version with a red insert and blank labels, CBM LP logo, & 3512 matrix. 
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In 1978 CBM re-released the LP with a different package (gwa70B). It had a white cover ; no Label info; an insert with a blue surrealistic drawing, and blank red and dark blue labels.An earlier version... possibly 1977.. has full printed green labels. 
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3-5 stars       NMP60  CV NMP80 
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Matrix: BD 1011
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