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source: 3/23/75
Side one: 

Are you ready for the country 
Ain't that a lot of love 
(not listed on cover) 
Lookin' for a love 
Loving you (is sweeter than ever) 
I want you 

Side two: 
The weight 
Helpless/knockin' on the dragon's door 
Will the Circle be unbroken 
Who killed Davy Moore? * 
All I really want to do

The source is the conclusion of Bill Graham's 
"Students Need Athletics, Culture, and Kicks" concert from San Francisco's Kezar stadium on 3/23/75 to help aid the San Francisco school system. Included in the recording is Neil Young 
and the Band.
Except for * Philharmonic Hall October 31, 1964.

Historic Data:
Although the snack concert was a broadcast event, Dylan's microphone was having problems and he is not as loud as he needs to be.  This technical problem exists on all copies of the event, as it was inherent.
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Front Cover
Back Cover
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Released on the Vibrator Label in 1975, this LP has a paper insert cover with a cartoon of Dylan and Young on the front; and typed information on the fold  around backside. There is no paper label at all on the reissue LP.
Unique messages in the runoff groove read: 
"Dedicated to those few people who truly understand 
me." on A side, and  "For louE and Dave" on B side.
Thanks to our buddy lou, we know that the 3 guys pictured in the cable car are the two guys who made the bootleg and one of their friends. The very first pressing had full printed pink labels. The original issue was on splatter vinyl with these labels. All re-issues are on black vinyl.
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As this is a rating based on the piece being a Dylan album, the star rating is lower than what the quality would be based on the vocals of the other artists.
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The LP was also released on the HAR Label as matrix number 163
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3-6 stars    NMP40  splatter NMP60
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gwa 114
Matrix: VIBE 160
In 1986 This LP was copied and released in Germany under the same title.  GO TO 1986 version.
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