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Spanish Leather
source: Concord 6-7-88
Side one: 

Absolutely sweet Marie 
Masters of war 
You're a big girl now 
Gotta serve somebody 
Drifting too far from shore 

Side two: 
Man of constant sorrow 
Banks of the Ponchatrain 
Boots of Spanish leather 
Gates of Eden 
Maggie's farm
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Tropo Label put out a series of pieces in the late 80's with nice enough looking black and white jackets and sharp looking full printed labels.  The  cover on this 1989 release states that the source is Pacific Northwest 1988.  That is the only information on the cover.  The actual source is Concord Pavilion, Concord 6-7-88. 
Fair audience recordings.  Would you believe ... another incarnation of TMQ? Interesting note: the label says Copyright 1985. The material is from 1988.......  Time machine? 
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3-4 stars        NMP25
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Matrix: Tropo 318
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