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Stars of '66 vol. 3
source: 4/19/66

Side one: 
She belongs to me 
Fourth time around 
Visions of Johanna 

Side two: 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
Desolation row 
Just like a woman 

Side three: 
Tell me Mama 
Baby let me follow you down 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 

Side four: 
Press conference Adelaide April, 1966
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This is part 3 of a great three part European Series released in 1986 by Germany's GWW Label. This final set was released in 1987. Part 1  was Manchester. 
Part 2  was 'RAH' 
The labels are various combinations of black photo labels, 'Dylan with scarf' drawings, or silver swat-cop 'Guilty' labels. 
The vinyl is black, splatter, or marble. 
Source is Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 4/19/66 
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8-9 stars    NMP65 
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