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Stealin' (TMQ-2)         gwa 10Cb
source: Various outakes

Side one: 
Can you please crawl out your window 
It takes a lot to laugh 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
If you Gotta go, go now 
She belongs to me 
Love - 0/no limits 

Side two: 
New Orleans rag (cuts out)*** 
That's all right Mama *** 
Cocaine (cuts out) 
Hard times in New York town 
Wade in the water 
It's all over now, Baby blue* 
Suze (The cough song) ** 

The sources are: 
Side one: 1965 studio outtakes (first 3 from 'Highway 61' sessions. 4-6 from  'Bringing it' 

Side two: Minnesota tapes 12/22/61 except for 
   *  'Bringing it' outtake 1965 
  ** 'Times' outtake 1963 
*** 'Another side' outtake 6-64 

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In 1974 TMQ 'switched hands'. The new regime is generally referred to as TMQ-2. They wanted to make their own mark, and began by integrating changes in packaging, logo, and reference and matrix numbers. 
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 All changes appear on their release of this LP. The cover was beige with a new 'Live in LA 1974' xerox photo colored insert. The new 'Smokin' Pig' logo appeared on the bottom left of the insert, as well as on the orange label. The reference number 71001 is on the insert as well. 
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As with all TMQ-2 releases, this release was pressed from the same plates as the original. The earlier matrices have been crossed out and the new one added. 
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In 1983 there was a reissue series released by TMQ-2 that was very close to the original 1974 package. The LP cover is white instead of beige, and the insert is not as sharp. 
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6-7 stars    1974 NMP55    1983 NMP40 
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gwa 10Cb
Matrix:  1802 A/B 

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