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Stealin'                           gwa 10G
source: Various outakes

Record One
Side one: 
Wade in the water 
Cocaine (cuts out) 
Can you please crawl out your window 

Side two:
New Orleans rag (cuts out) 
Love - 0/no limits 
Hard times in New York town 

Record Two
Side one:
She belongs to me 
It's all over now, Baby blue 
Suze (The cough song) 

Side two:
It takes a lot to laugh 
That's all right Mama 
If you Gotta go, go now    
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Steel WCF etc.
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This rare set of British EPs was released in 1971 by the 'Bread and Circus' folks. They are known for their other EP release 'Long time gone'  In 1970 an unknown British Label released a version of Stealin' referred to as the URE  D  version. That version was tape recorded and became the basis for this double EP release. The quality, obviously, is not as good as the original.  The sleeves are white with a completely hand drawn title and track list printed in black. The labels blank white. 
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There are alternate packages released on this set, and it is uncertain as to the release order and quantity of each package. The packages are actually from a different pressing and are referred to as the 'Freedom' versions because of the labels. The labels are purple full printed labels with a peace sign. The variables from these sets are the sleeves. They include one version that uses the same sleeve as the original release, one that has a similar sleeve that has been laminated, and a release that contains one of each sleeve. 
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Because of the small runs, all sets are quite rare. Collectors seek them out for this reason alone, as the quality of the recording is poor throughout. 
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The original song sources, of course, are the same as with other releases; but the song order has been completly rearranged to facilitate the 2 EP 7" format. 
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3 stars        NMP90 (set)
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gwa 10G
Matrix:  Record one:  1/2 
            Record two:  3/4
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