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Strip Tease Box
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(For information on the individual LPs in this 10 L.P. set, click on any of the below links ) 

Five double LPs include: 
1101-1102 Newport/Manchester
1103-1104 Freezer burn
1105-1106 Striptease
1107-1108 John Birch's massacre 
1109-1110 Royal Albert Hall

In the mid 1980's the original TMOQ folks re-released 500 copies each of five classic double albums under the generic title striptease.
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All LP labels where the same. All covers were the same. The four that were given different titles had an additional red and white sticker replacing the word Striptease with the appropriate title. Each title was sold separately.
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Additionally, the five titles were preseed on color vinyl and  grouped together in this 10 LP boxed set of the same name, and with the same cover.
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Front Cover
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This fantastic set includes 10 classic LPs in a limited edition box set entitled "Strip Tease the TMQ collection" The set was pressed on super nice looking translucent Burgundy swirl vinyl. All the labels are the same original TMOQ labels. For the individul releases, there was a custom generic label.  The package consists of two individual black boxes containing five LPs each. The two boxes stack together and slide inside of a slipcover that becomes the slick outer cover for the package. The front and back covers are the same as all of the individually released LPs, with the "Strip Tease" title. 
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Although the sound quality varies a little bit due to the variety of sources, overall this package rates:
7-9 stars      NMP250  
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