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Strip Tease
source: Leeds and various 

Side one: 
Hard times in New York town I 
Baby let  me follow you down 
Sally gal 
Gospel plow 
Ballad of Donald White 
Only a hobo 
Wade in the water 

Side two: 
There was a time when I was blind 
VD blues 
VD waltz 
VD city 
VD woman 
Cocaine blues 
Omie wise I 
John Brown 

Side three: 
Handsome Molly 
Omie wise II 
Poor Lazarus 
Mean old Southern Railroad 

Side four: 
He was a friend of mine 
Man on the street I 
Hard times in New York town II 
Poor boy blues 
Ballad for a friend 
Man on the street II 
Standing on he highway 
Bear Mountain massacre picnic blues
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Gold label
Silver label
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The sources on this set are: Riverside Church WRVR FM  broadcast June 29, 1961.  Leads demos 1962.  and Broadside blind boy grunt recordings 
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In 1986, the original TMQ guys re-released 500 copies each of five classic double albums under the generic title "Strip Tease". All LPs are black vinyl, and all labels are the same gold or silver generic labels. All covers are the same. This set is the original cover with no paper label pasted on. The other four sets that had different names have an additional red and white sticker replacing the words "Strip Tease" with the appropriate title. Each title was sold separately. 
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Additionally, the five titles were grouped together in a 10 LP boxed set of the same name and with the same cover, but pressed on colored vinyl. 
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7 stars      NMP50
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