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Sweetheart Sessions
source: Infidels outtakes
Side one: 

Sweetheart like you 
(7 takes) 

Side two: 
Someone's got a hold of my heart 
Lord protect my child 
Tell me 
Blind Willie McTell 
This was my love 

For all of its' flaws, this 1988 release is perhaps the most exciting Bob Dylan piece issued in this series. While there are several good infidels outtakes on side two ... side one is a gem. 
This LP side will bring a smile to the face of any studio musician, and open up a fascinating world to anyone not familiar with the recording 
process. The tapes roll while Bob practices, 
talks, jokes and works his way through seven 
attempts at recording this song.
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Front Cover
Back Cover
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In the mid 80's, Trademark Of Quality (TMQ) teamed up with TAKRL (The Amazing Kornyfone Label) and put out a ton of artists all in generic one color jackets, with only the title and artist's name on the front. Even though titles were limited to 500 each, this poor packaging scheme didn't catch on too well with most titles. This LP is part of the second wave of issues from this Label marriage.
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4-6 stars      NMP35 
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