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Silver Saxophones and Washed Out Horns 
source: Rundown Studio 1978

Side one: 
I Don't Believe You (4:22) 
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (4:05) 
You're A Big Girl Now (5:42)
Knocking On Heavens Door (5:30) 
It's Alright, Ma (6:08) 
All In The Game (1:31)* 

Side two: 
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (3:52) 
The Times They Are A-Changin' (5:02) 
If You See Her, Say Hello (3:55) 
The Man In Me (3:50) 
She Belongs To Me (3:50) 
Piano Medley (5:38) 
Baby Blue 
Blowin' In The Wind 
I Want You (3:14) 

Thanks to Hank Reineke for LP info
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Information: © 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
A rare 1985 European release from an unknown Label.
The LP labels are full printed pale yellow with blue type and  feature the name of the artist, title of the album, 
and track listing. No "record company" info listed though GEMA appears on the left hand side-center of each 
label. A "warning" regarding "unauthorised" broadcasting etc. runs circular around the label's perimiter in both 
English & German. 
Black Vinyl w/ Song separation. 
A very nice "deluxe" printed cover with an excellent black and white photograph of Dylan in concert playing the acoustic guitar and harmonica circa 1980 tour. 
No other graphics or printing on front cover. 
A Black & White photograph of Bob playing the saxophone (taken from the Larry Kegan/Boston Garden 
photograph - see page 176 of the first ed. of "Tangled Up In Tapes"). All track listing and print in black 
"Bob Dylan Silver Saxophones & Washed Out Horns All Studio Recordings from 1978 and 1981." 
Back cover states "Limited Edition of 250 Copies! Track listing also on back. 
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Rundown Studios April '78 except: * Houston 11/12/81
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8-9 stars     NMP60
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MATRIX:  SILVER - 305 - 1/SILVER - 305 - 2
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