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Special Edition
(Together We're Strong)
source: Live with The Dead 1987
Side A: 

The Times 
Man of peace 
I'll be your baby tonight 
John brown 
Side B: 
I want you 
Ballad of a thin man 
Stuck inside of mobile 
Queen Jane approximately
Side C: 
Chimes of freedom 
Slow train coming 
Side D: 
All along the watchtower 
Knockin` on heavens door 
Tangled up in blue 
Ballad of Frankie Lee

Side E: 
Simple twist of fate 
Gotta serve somebody 
Tomorrow is a long time 
Highway 61 revisited 
It's all over now baby blue

Side F: 
Wicked messenger 
Touch of grey (The Dead
Maggie's farm 
Dead man

Side G: 
Watching the river flow 
Heart of mine 
Rainy day women
Had a dream about you baby

Side H: 
Had a dream about you baby (4 takes)
Ritchie Havens song (2 takes)
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This beautiful 1989 4LP box set from the European Label 'Archive' was issued in a plain 12x12 black cardboard box. Severely limited to 75 copies, each was stamped and numbered on a small sticker on the the box lid.  The set consists of 4 picture discs. Each disc has the same image on the reverse as it does on the front. This box set is actually untitled. The title 'Special Edition' comes from the sticker on the box front. Some refer to the set as 'Untitled'. There is an insert referring to 'Bobby Parker', and some use this to identify it. The standard 4 LP set was actually issued the previous year as "Together We're Strong". Some simply call this the 'Together We're Strong' picture disc set.

Sides A, B, & C and track 1 & 2 Side D:
Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA July 4  1987
This is the entire show. 'Slow train coming' and 'Joey' are the versions that appear on the official Dylan & The Dead CD.

Side D tracks 3 & 4 and Side E tracks 1&2 :
JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA  July 10,  1987

Side E tracks 3, 4, & 5 and  Side F tracks 1 & 2 :
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford July 12, 1987

Side F tracks 3 & 4 and Side G tracks 1, 2, & 3 : Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR July 19, 1987

Side G - rehearsals for `Hearts of Fire`. 

7 stars      NMP175

Matrix:    xxxxxx 

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