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Talking Bear Mountain 
Massacre Picnic Blues 
Manufacturer:  TMOQ 1 & 2 Hybrids
Side one: 

Quit Your Lowdown Ways 
Worried Blues 
Corrina Corrina 
Lonesome Whistle Blues 
Rocks and Gravel 
Talkin' Hava Negila Blues 
Naomie Wise 
Wichita Blues
Side two: 
Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre
Baby, I'm in the Mood for You 
Death of Emmett Till 
Baby, Please Don't Go 
Going Down to New Orleans 
Milk Cow Blues
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Matrix Note:

TMQ-2 released this LP several times from the same, original master plates. The earlier releases retain the TMQ matrix 502 A/B. Later issues have this matrix scratched out. On each successive release, there is a minor matrix alteration from that of the previous run. These include scratched out and lined out past matrices in several different combinations. There are at least five separate runs identifiable by which matrix is scratched out and how. The variances are purely academic. 
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Cartoon Series
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During the 1974 change-over from TMQ to TMQ-2 there were several LP packages released that contained elements of both regimes (due to the available stock that TMQ had on hand that TMQ-2 incorporated). 
One of the least documented LPs of this era was the cartoon cover. TBMMPB came out in the series as Volume 6. You can view known information about the cartoon series HERE
Late '73 -'74 saw the beginning of the TMQ-2 changes. Originally, TMQ-2  repressed the LP with the new 1804 matrix, but released it in the remaining stock blue covers left on hand. 
The album carried the new 'Pig Daddy' labels. On the first release, the 502 matrix is scratched out. Further releases line-out, and then scratch out the remaining original matrices. 
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There has always been confusion as to the source tape for the fourteen tracks on this LP. According to the LP notes the tracks are a mixture of songs from the Minnesota tape, studio outtakes, and Witmark demos. 
While 'Naomi wise' is certainly from the 12-22-61 Minneapolis tape, all of the other tracks are from the Freewheelin' recording sessions that ran through the second half of 1962
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7-8  stars    NMP100(blue cover) NMP200(cartoon)

Not in gwa
Matrix: (502) 1804 A/B  71-157(6) M (See note at left)

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