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Talking Bear Mountain 
Picnic Massacre Blues 
Manufacturer:  Other Versions
Side one: 

Quit your lowdown ways 
Worried blues 
Corrina Corrina 
Lonesome whistle blues 
Rocks and gravel 
Talkin' Hava Negila blues 
Naomie wise 
Wichita blues
Side two: 
Talkin' Bear mountain picnic massacre blues 
Baby, I'm in the mood for you 
Death of Emmett Till 
Baby, please don't go 
Going down to New Orleans 
Milk cow blues
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Original TMQ version
TMQ 1 & 2 Hybrids
TMQ-2 versions
Berkeley version
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A relatively rare version of unknown origin is referred to as the TB version (Taken from the matrix). It has a white jacket with a black and white 8 x 10 insert with an Isle of Wight photo; and black vinyl with full printed red labels. The photo shown above is a filler and is not associated with the LP
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There is also a CBM version listed in Hot Wacks. It is not known to exist, and may have been listed in error.
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7 stars      NMP100
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Not in gwa
Matrix:  TB 1/2 
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