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source: 07/06/1978
Side one: 

I shall be released 
To Ramona 
All along the watchtower 
All I really want to do 
Forever young 
Changing of the guards

Side two: 
Gates of Eden 
The man in me 
One more cup of coffee 
Blowin' in the wind 
I want you 
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An Impossible Record Works release from 1979
Deluxe black and white cover has a full cover front photo taken during the shooting of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. The back cover is a photo with Muhammad Ali from New York Dec 1975. Black vinyl, and custom LP labels round out this package. 
This LP is meant to be a companion release to the double LP Manchester Prayer
Side one is the completion of the LA concert from 11-15-78  released on Manchester Prayer 
Side two is Paris July 6, 1978
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4-6 stars          NMP45
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gwa 154
Matrix:  1-100  A/B
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