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Taste of the Special Stash
source: Basement tapes
Side one: 

Down in the flood 
Lo and behold 
Tiny Montgomery 
Open the door, Homer 
Nothing was delivered 
This wheel's on fire 

Side two: 
You ain't going nowhere 
Tears of rage 
Mighty Quinn 
Million dollar bash 
Yea! heavy and a bottle of bread 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
I shall be released
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Label A
Label B
The European label Straight records released this mega-rare piece in 1971. The same songs in a different order as on  'Little White Wonder'. The quality is inferior, though, and was most likely a tape copy of that LP. The source tape is the famous Basement tapes. 
Simple red and white insert listed only the LP title in large letters. LP labels are full printed. Although the quality of this LP is a little dismal, It's value lies with it's rarity. Only a couple copies are known to still exist.
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5 stars      NMP300
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gwa 9
Matrix:  STR 002 A/B
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