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Thousand Miles Behind
source: Various
Side one: 

Who killed Davy Moore? * 
Moonshine blues ** 
Allen Stone Interview (partial) 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
Million dollar bash 
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread 
Allen Stone Interview (partial) 
Car car *** 
Side two: 
Ballad of Donald White * 
Man on the street 
He was a friend of mine 
Song to Woody 
One too many mornings **
Side one is the 1967 Basement tapes except: 
*    Carnegie Hall October  26 1963 
**  'Times' outtake 
*** Gaslight tape. 
The interviews are from the Allan Stone interview from Detroit, in October of 1965
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Side two is from the Gaslight tapes except for 
* Broadside show WBAI radio, NY - March '62 
** 1969  Johnny Cash TV documentary 
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14 A cover
14 B cover
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Here is a very early and hard to find piece from 1970. The label is blank, and no information is known as to the manufacturer. It was produced in the USA, most likely from the West coast. The first issue (14 A) had a very small title stamp on the front of a blank white cover. No other information was included. Later editions had a 5x7 white or yellow insert pasted over the stamp. The insert is a xerox of a 1965 studio picture and small J. Cash pics along with the song titles.  The album is a hodgepodge of material.
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3 stars interviews        NMP150 
4-6 stars songs 
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gwa 14
Matrix:  111  A/B
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