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Through The Years
source: Various/studio
Side one: 

You're  a big girl now 
Heart of mine 
Abandoned love**** 
Caribbean winds 

Side two: 
Up to me 
Romance in Durango 
Percy's song 

Side three: 
Lay down your weary tune 
Babe, I'm in the mood for you 
I don't believe you 
Jet pilot** 
I wanna be your lover 
I'll keep it with mine* 

Side four: 
It's all over now, Baby blue 
Medicine Sunday*** 
If you gotta go, go now** 
Mighty Quinn 
Visions of Johanna 
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Picture Disc
Information: © 1999-2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
The German Label GWW re-released this rare two LP set as a picture  disc set in 1986. They came in a blue die-cut cover with a silver sticker. Both discs have the 'Empire Burlesque' cover photo on the front. The B side is black with track listings.. 
Only 200 copies pressed 
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The set is studio outtakes from various years including: 
* 'Bringing it all back home' sessions 
CBS studios NY 1-15-65 
** CBS Studio A NY 6-16-65 
*** LA's Sunset Sound studios 11-30-65 
**** 'Desire' sessions CBS studio NY 7-31-75
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The original copy of this LP was released by GWW in 1985. It was released as two multi-colored splatter vinyl LPs in a severely limited quantity of only 100. 
In 1987 there was yet another re-release with a slick, brown, die-cut cover with a large black and white sticker. The LPs were colored marble vinyl. Again, GWW went for the rarity factor by releasing only 100 copies for a total of 400 LP sets in circulation. 
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7 stars      NMP120 (each set) 
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Matrix: GWW 6282  A/B/C/D
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