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Troubled Troubadour
source: Basements tapes
Side one: 

I shall be released 
Too much of nothing (take 2) 
Tears of rage (take 2) 
Mighty Quinn (take 1) 
Open the door, Homer (take 1) 
Nothing was delivered (take 1)

Side two: 
Million dollar bash 
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
Crash on the Levee  (Down in the flood) 
Lo and behold 
Tiny Montgomery 
This wheel's on fire 
You ain't going nowhere
A Different Album
Oddly enough, in 1974 TMQ-2 also released this title with four additional tracks.
'Midnight Train' (A Session recording with the Band from Dec. 65)
and three more Basement tapes tracks: 'Clothesline saga', 'Apple suckling tree', and 'Odds & ends'. 
The LP was issued in a white sleeve with an all new 'Live in '74' pink insert that listed only the original tracks, omitting the four new ones. New 'Pig Daddy' (Smokin' pig) labels, black vinyl, and a new matrix completed the look. 
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5 stars     NMP145 
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not in gwa
Matrix:  1865 B/D
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TMOQ released this title in early 1971. It was made from a taped copy of  'Waters of oblivion', but the track order was slightly rearranged due to the fact that side 2 of Waters of oblivion was inadvertently recorded to the tape first. Being by now at least a 7th generation recording, the sound quality is starting to suffer. 
This LP is one of the earliest releases for TMQ. It possibly even came out in 1970 in a blank white cover with blank labels following Great White Wonder
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The basic package is typical early TMQ. A colored sleeve with logo sticker and rubber-stamp title....
The label is standard TMQ logo. 
The insert lists track order and includes 4 photos from the 1968 Woody Guthrie tribute concert.
There are a few variations including sticker, sleeve, jacket, and LP color; and a release that had the ref. # 71045 on the insert. 
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In 1974 this LP was re-released in the generic 'cartoon series' cover and label.
It was reissued by TMQ-2 in a white sleeve with a xerox of the original insert, black vinyl, and standard TMQ-2  'Pig Daddy' labels. 
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5 stars     NMP175 
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gwa 7
Matrix:  BD 516 A/B
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