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True Confessions Tour
source: 3/6/86
Side one: 

Justine (Dewey Terry / Don Harris)
Positively fourth Street 
Clean-cut kid 
Emotionally yours 
Trust yourself 
Lucky old Sun (Smith / Gillespie)

Side two: 
Hard rain 
Girl of  the north country 
It's alright Ma (I'm only bleeding) 
I forgot more than you'll ever know (Null)

Side three: 
Just like a woman 
Masters of war 
Straight into darkness 
Breakdown * 
It ain't me babe *

Side four: 
So you wanna be a rock-and-roll star 
Blowin' in the wind 
Knockin' on heaven's door
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Information: © 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
This is a great looking 1986 Italian piece. 
Incredible cover photo. Concert shot on back cover with track list, the venue, and a reproduction of the concert ticket. Inside gatefold is a nice looking promo 
shot of Bob, and an outtake photo of Bob and Suze in New York. 
Unfortunately, the sound quality does not quite 
live up to the wonderful cover. It's merely a good audience recording. The labels are either blank white, black, or red with pictures and Japanese characters. 
Cover says "An Udo Artists presentation". 
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The source is Osaka Castle Hall 3/6/86 except for 
* Budokan Hall, Tokyo 3/5/86 
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5 stars     NMP70
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Matrix: DYP-001 & 002  A/B
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