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Take A Train
source: Live rarities ' 86
Side one: 

[Coasta  Mesa 6/17
I'll remember you 
Lucky old Sun 
Masters of war 
Song to Woody 
Hard rain

Side two: 
It ain't me, babe 
I forgot more than you'll ever know 
Just like a woman 
Rockin' with you baby

Side three: 
Knockin' on heaven's door 
[Reno 6/11
Emotionally yours 
Trust yourself 
To Ramona 
Let the good times roll

Side four: 
[Sacramento 6/12
I'm moving on 
[Bonner Springs 7/24
Kansas City 
Leopard skin pill box hat 
[Hartford 7/11
Unchain my heart 
The Times 
Lay lady lay 
[ Vancouver 8/1
Bye bye Johnny 
Side five: 
[San Diego 6/9
Got my mind made up 
Cross on over and rock 'em dead 
[Tacoma 7/31
All along the watchtower 
Gotta serve somebody 
[ Coasta Mesa 6/16
Girl of the north country 
Lenny Bruce

Side six: 
[Paso Robles 8/6
Brownsville girl 
[Dallas 6/22
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
[Akron 7/2
Red Cadillac and a black mustache 
Don't think twice, it's alright 
[Clarkston 6/30
All my tomorrows belong to you
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Here is an ambitious 1987 project from the German Label Archive. This four LP set along with the three LP set entitled With a rolling stone is meant to chronicle every song performed during the 1986 True Confessions tour.
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In the latter half of the 80's, European APC Promotions put out some really slick looking pieces on the Archive Label. This one has a surrealist cartoon caricature on the front cover . This 1987 release has the standard Archive 
'European tomato-splatter' back cover with the venue and track listings. 
Also standard for Dylan releases on this Label is the silver sketch of " New morning Dylan" on the label. The vinyl is an incredible looking clear/multicolor splatter. Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of sources, the recordings are not quite up to the standards usually associated with this Label. 
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5-6 stars     NMP175 
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