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20 Years Have Passed
source: Rare Batch vinyl

Side one: 
Only a hobo 
Farewell Angelina 
The death of Emmett till 
VD blues 
Poor Lazarus 
Can you please crawl out your window 
Let me follow you down 

Side two: 
Man of constant sorrow 
Candy man 
If I could dolt all over 
Baby please don't go 
It's all over now, baby blue 
If you gotta go, go now 
I ain't got no home
Jacket Info:
Manufactured by Sakkaris Records ltd. Ebrar 7 & Kabouroglou (209 Messoghion ave.) 
Tel: 6475986 - 6472417 - 6711690 
Telex 224131 Sakk 
Produced by MRPHOLLAND 
Cover design by V.LINOU 
Films : AKMI CO 
Distributed by Minos Matsas & Son SA.
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A label
B label

This 1988 European LP is not the best of quality in sound or packaging. It is derived from the Rare Batch series of LPs, and is yet another quasi-legit attempt to capitalize on a 20 year copyright law. (Hence the title). 
 The labels are nicely done full printed black, with 'History Of Records' logo.

 5-6  Stars       NMP35

Matrix:  HR 52010

Thanks to Ramblin' Man for scans & info


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