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Temporary Like Bob Dylan
source: Various Interviews

Side one: 
Bob Blackmar interview 
Martin Bronstein interview

Side two: 
Nat Hentoff interview
Thanks to Lukas for finding the photos
The Bob Blackmar segment is the KCSB radio broadcast portion of an interview held on the campus of the University of Santa Barbara, CA. in December of 1964. (Most likely Dec.7th) 
Also on side A is the February 20, 1966 Martin Bronstein interview. The interview from the Place Des Arts, Montreal, Quebec was not broadcast by the CBC 'till August 24, 1974.
Side B contains excerpts of the 177 questions and answers of the Nat Hentoff interview that was recorded in the NY Columbia office in the Fall of 1965 for a Playboy magazine article. The Playboy interview was released in the volume 13, number 3 issue of Playboy (March 1966). This original interview is nothing like the spin it was given for the magazine.
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This beautiful 1987 black and white German picture disc was released by the Speaking Tube Label. The front is a french crayon drawing attempting to portray a young Bob Dylan in the midst of the political upheaval and unrest of the 1960s. The reverse features a lose line drawing silhouette of Dylan, the Label logo, and the track information. 

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