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Travellin' Man
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Side one:
Heart Of Mine I
Heart Of Mine II
Heart Of Mine III
Caribbean Wind

Side two: 
Trouble In Mind
Don't Start Me Talkin'
License To Kill
Save for the fact that there were only a few hundred copies pressed of this 1986 German title, it has very little going for it. The cover is a great looking, full printed Rex Features photo from the Isle Of Wight, But it has no relation in content to the package. The lyrics for  the outtakes from the May 1981 Shot Of Love session were misheard as "I Don't Mind". Though it would have been a simple proposition to find the correct title, it is wrongly listed on the back cover.
The name sake song of the LP is mistitled as Travelin' Man (and even at that, it's misspelled). The true misheard lyric is "Trouble In Mind"... the true song title. It's from the May 1979 Sheffield AL studio session that produced "Slow Train Coming". The last three tracks are a dismal quality mono copy of the Late Night With David Letterman show from March 22, 1984.
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Notes from Paul Prince:

I Don't Mind is actually three versions of Heart of Mine (the Shot Of Love LP version, and two alternate studio versions). Travelin Man is the Gotta Serve Somebody single (only) b-side, Trouble In Mind.
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Back  (close-up)
This LP was released in 1986 by the German Label Rock Records / APC Promotions. The quantity was severely limited to 333 copies. 200 of the LPs were released as a black and white pic disc. The photo is on one side only. The reverse is white with track listing. 100 copies were issued on white vinyl. As shown above, the front cover is full printed with the Isle of Wight photo. The back is white with a printed track list, and the Label logo. A small gold foil sticker on the back is typed with an individual number 1-100. The LP is white vinyl, with a white label of the company's ridiculous "sick gramophone" logo printed in gold. There were also 33 copies issued on multicolored vinyl. The many mistakes, bad quality, and high original retail price left a lot to be desired. At a time when the German market was proving itself to be king of the vinyl boot, this court jester was little more than an embarrassment.
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Matrix:  PR 8 BD  A/B
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