Alpha listing of LPs that contain the Manchester '66 (ROYAL ALBERT HALL) show
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1966 Live Acetates Vol. 1
1966 Live Acetates Vol. 2
Albert Hall 1966 (Toasted's strip tease collection)
Bob Dylan & The Band Live (Live label)
Bob Dylan in concert
Dylan with the Band (Peter's Bridge) gwa 26
Dylan with the Band Live 1966 gwa 24
Euro releases of the 80's
Greatest White Wonder versions gwa 25C
GWW RAH TMQ '71 gwa 25Aa
GWW RAH TMQ '80 gwa 25Ab
GWW RAH 1966 (1980)
In 1966 There Was
Live Dylan with the Band (Bulldog '87)
Live at the Albert Hall  (Renaissance Minstrel)
Looking Back
Mr. Tambourine Man
Renaissance Minstrel
Royal Albert Hall  1966 (Swingin' Pig '89)
Royal Albert Hall  1966 (Toasted '85)
Royal Albert Hall  1966 (TAKRL '74) gwa 25Ba
Royal Albert Hall  1966 (TAKRL '78) gwa 25Bb
Royal Albert Hall Concert 1966    gwa 25C
Royal Albert Hall London (Bulldog)  (See: Live Dylan with the Band)
Stars of '66 Vol. 2
Striptease cover ( Albert Hall 1966 )
Strip tease box

TAKRL releases:
1974 release (Matrix 1962) gwa 25Ba
1978 release (Matrix 900)   gwa 25Bb
Greatest WW cover

TMQ releases:
1971 original release (Matrix RAH 115  gwa 25Aa)
Matrix BD 105 (original from alternate plate)
1974 TMQ-2 (Matrix 1818 gwa 25Ac)
1980  release (Reissue series gwa 25Ab)
1983 reissue series
Greatest WW cover

Alpha listing of LPs with some Manchester '66 content
Bob Dylan Live In Concert
Bobby Dylan (Folkartist)
Island Man
Newport '65 / Manchester '66
Stars of '66 Vol. 1

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