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Bootleg Vinyl Record Labels (Manufacturers) 

This page is a listing of all known vinyl bootleg record labels that have released a Dylan vinyl album. If you have albums that are not on the site we are interested in hearing from you! Help us to be a better and more complete site! All contributors will be listed on the thanks page unless you wish to remain anonymous. Please note that exclusive CD Labels are not included here

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- A - 

Action Productions 
(See Peter's Bridge) 

Amazing stork records 
1987 Pink pony vs dead goat  

AS1 With a rolling stone  
AS2 Yesterday and today 
AS3 Mr. tambourine Man 
AS4 Folk artist  
AS6 Island man  
AS6 Island man (pic.disc) 
AS7 Dollar snack 
AS8 Holy soul and jelly roll  
AS11 Take a train 

A R D  
A Z 10 Outfidels  

Artemis record work 
CV7209 Let's keep it between us  

DI L Life sentence 

AVE (AXE) 002 the Zimmerman's joy 

- B - Return to Top 
Bang records  
4022 Concert for Bangladesh  

BRK 1001  Madison Square Garden 

Basement Records 
695 -  EP 

BBG records 
RI 3145  Kindest cut 
Blind Boy Grunt 

SW 340 Live 1974 

Beacon Island 
2S708 Lethal dose  

Belle Isle records  
B1 Belle Isle 

66 23060 Are you now or have you ever been 

40/41 Great White wonder  
1963 Live at Carnegie Hall 
2010 Stealin'  
2014 Million dollar bash  
2039 / 2040  Dylan and the band return  
503 / 504   The Villager 
507 Kindest cut 
BD 001 Let me die in my footsteps  
BD 002 Visions of Johanna  
BD 003 Talking Bear Mountain  massacre  picnic blues 
BD 509 John birch Society blues  
Live at Carnegie Hall 1963 
Zimmerman live at Berkeley Community Theater  
Zimmerman looking back  
Zimmerman Royal Albert Hall 

2215521 Ballad of Hollis Brown  
2215531 Don't think twice, it's alright 

Black cloud productions 
DP 1001 At home (disc one) 
DP 1002 At home (disc two)  

78A-H  By the time we got to Blackbushe  

1020/P 1971 V.P.R.O.  Picnic 

Boss shirts and records 
Rarities volume 1  
Rarities volume 2  

Bread & Circus Records 
A / B  Long time gone 

Broadside records 
FB 5322 Grudge match 

BHL 8001 Little white wonder Vol. 1 
BHL 8002 Little white wonder Vol. 2 
BHL 8003 Little white wonder Vol. 3  

BGLP 007 Melbourne, Australia 
BGLP 008 Adelphi theatre 

Bust records 
IR-H O F 003 Rock-and-roll Hall of fame 

-C - Return to Top 
Carnaby (Contraband) 
SAD 1/2  Madison Square Garden 

CBM (contraband music) 
104 70 Isle of Wight 
003 Talkin' Bear Mountain picnic massacre  blues 
614/615 Dylan 2 
616/617 Dylan 2 
3587 Help  
3812 Alias  
3814 Gaslight tapes (Visions through a window) 
40/41 Great White wonder 
4010 (BD 4010) Bob Dylan/the band 
4464 Bloodtakes 
10471/2 (beaver records) Isle of Wight  
B D 1011 $70 robbery 
BD X 3/4 Dylan (erroniously reffered to as 'Forest Hills 1965') also as 'Friends of Chile' 
BD X 3/5 Video Chile  
GT 8450 Bloodtakes 
Looking back 1  
Looking back 2  

C R 0015 Church with no upstairs  
C R 0035 Snow over the Interstate  

B-14 Freewheeler  
Z M-66 Live at Albert Hall  

Checkout records 
78 (A B) A la carte I 
78 (CD) A la carte II  

Clean cut 
BD 7685 Seven days 

Colucia records 
KC 846910 Extra  

Columbia (Counterfeit) 
XSM 164035 / 6 4 songs from Renaldo & Clara 

Contraband music 
(See C B M) 

Cookroom records 
G W W Gentleman's club days of '49 

Cream of the crop 
340 Nashville sunset 

  - D - Return to Top 
Deadand productions 
Joke 84 Last encore  

Disaster enterprise limited 
LD1,2,3,4,5,6  - London Dylan 

Dittolino records 
Blind boy grunt  
Looking back 

DSI Recs. 
78654 No quarter  

770 521 Valentino type tangos 

Double Cross 
95 Best of Bob's boots 

Down under records 
BDH 286 Live down under  

CASH -  Dylan Cash session 

- E - 
Ebb records 
BDT 01 Live at toads 

90 Changin' 1 (45rpm)  
91 Changin' 2 (45rpm)  
92 Changin' 3 (45rpm)  
93 Changin' 4 (45rpm)  
94 Changin' 5 (45rpm)  

Excitable recordworks 
4500-1 Memphis blues  

- F - Return to Top 
Family of music company 
DDE80 Solid rock  

Fan club 
What's happening here? 

FD Productions 
Great White Wonder 

Figa records 
2669 Walking down the line 
70     Walking down the line 

8210 Poems naked wonder  

Fourth Street records 
RAZ-103164 Halloween masque 

Frogg records  
1985 Concert for Sam and Larry  

FRT Records 
BRK 1001   Bangla Desh 

F Y G 
4701 Dylan '62  
7002 Dylan '62 
7401 Melbourne, Australia 

- G - Return to Top 
501 Cookie's favourite  
LNDN-RAHII Live acetates 1966 vol.2 

GFR records  
1001 Inside the museum  
1002 Four times around 

6285 Now and then  

(See Master sound) 

Gierschlund & Raffke 
7 up & down   Two tracks (45) 

Go international  
G ILP 1 Historical archives Vol. 1 
G ILP 2 Historical archives Vol. 2  

GONG 5A - In concerto  

GM 383 Canta a Dylan 

Great sounds 
Don't look back 

Great White Wonder productions 
BD66 Pittsburgh 1966
G W W NL 89 Buffalo skinners 
G W W 661 Stars of ' 66 Volume one  
G W W 662 Stars of ' 66 volume two  
G W W 663 Stars of ' 66 volume three  
G W W 665 Los Angeles 1965  
G W W 1969 Minstrel boy 
G W W 6282 Through the years  
G W W 6970 Yesterday's blues  
G W W Gentleman's club fountain  
G W W Real cuts real cuts at last  
M 71 Stockholm 1966 

Green Witch records 
G W.R. 1.050 L In the mood  

- H - Return to Top 
HAR (Hoffman Avenue records) 
163 Snack  
168 Hold the fort for what it's worth  

Himalaya records 
H R 001 Jokerman plays the arena 
H R 001 Jokerman plays the arena (picture disc)  

Highway 61 
San Francisco press conference 

Highway high fi collector's edition records 
107 Ceremonies of the horseman  
2201 St. Valentine's Day massacre and more  

HBM 1001 Little white wonder 
HBM 1003 Stealin'  

Hoffman Avenue 
(See HAR) 

Holy boy 
001 Waiting at the gates of Eden  
002 Inside the gates of Eden  

- I - Return to Top 
Ice cream records 
BD1-83 Last infidels outtakes 

Idle mind productions (I M P)  
1109 Nothing is revealed  

(See Idle mind productions ) 

Impossible recordworks  
2-21 Manchester prayer 
1-100 Tangerine  


Instant analysis 
BBR017 In search of relief 
SAD 1/2  Bangladesh 
Visions through a window 

IUXE box music 
SS23 Live in San Siro  

- J - 
SM 3605 Rare batch of little white wonder 1 
SM 3728 Rare batch of little white wonder 2  
SM 3780 Rare batch of little white wonder 3  
SM 3844 Rare batch of little white wonder 
SR 60 Grabado en directo 

M1 Down in the flood  

Just right records  
LPTAC 1000 The Times  

- K - Return to Top 
Kathy and Stevie records  
503/504 The Villager 

K & S records 
1109 Tapes from sherry's attic  
019 Melbourne Australian  
1109 Nothing is revealed 
BD 001  Let me die in my footsteps 
KS 1001 / 1002 J.B.S. Blues 
KS 1003 / 1004 Bob Dylan in concert 

1101-1110 Striptease box  
1101-1102 Newport/Manchester 
1103-1104 Freezer burn  
1105-1106 Striptease 
1107-1108 John Birch's massacre  
1109-1110 Royal Albert Hall  

(See T A K R L) 
(Or SODD) 

Kub  Har/Kub 
(See HAR) 

- L - Return to Top 
Live records 
Bob Dylan and the band live  

Lust records 
T BJ 8406 Gothenburg 84/don't think twice  

LXXXIV series  
36 Live in Adelaide  
48 Ceremonies of the horseman  

-M - Return to Top 
Master sound (Gibraltar 
AM 243, SM 1010  Man of peace 

May Records  
14781 Hanging in the balance 

Miracle Music 
G WW LP1 A/B Just as well  

Mister Cleen Records 
P 101 Chicago 

MIW records  
13 Nothing's like a woman  
39 Robert and Sara 

Mogul music  
3812 Alias  
3814 Gaslight tapes 

Mood music library 
HHH 003 Looking back  

Motorcycle records 
1943 Motorcycle 

- N - Return to Top 
(see Swingin' pig) 

Nederlandse Producite 

Northlake records 
Precious memories 

ST-AC 701 Live ' 78  

- O - 
Official fan club 
DL selected excerpts 

- P - Return to Top 
Paranoid productions 
Black nite crash  

Peace records 
(Piece Records) 
(also see Rover) 
31 WA -  Isle of Wight 
C7 In concert on the island  
15 701 Little white wonder  

Penguin records  
Eggs two Minnesota 1961 vol.1  

Peter's Bridge Records 
(Action Production) 
2001 B    -Dylan with the Band live 

Pharting pharaoh 
13163 Bridget's album  
13164 Touch of Grey 

44 770 Passed over and rolling Thunder  
44 777 Hurricane Carter benefit  
44 780 Tough tapes  

BD 524 / 1862 Don't look back 
VD waltz  

Pig's eye 
(See RS records 

Friends of Chile 

24051, 24065, 24066 Gaslight tapes  
39/24051  He was a friend of mine 

Po Po production 
001 Let me die in my footsteps 

- Q - 
(There are no known manufacturers) 

-R - Return to Top 
R S records/pig's eye (back) 

RSR/International (back) 
RSR223 Highway 80 revisited  

R T S (Radio Transcript Service) 
B S M 4 Melbourne, Australia 

Ramona records 
RR-78 Going going Gothenburg  

77737 Moving violation 

JPGR  - 20 X  4 

RIS (Superbudget) 
SM 3605 Bob Dylan 

Roach records 
KG 40  40 red white and blue shoestrings 

Rock-solid/international record 
(See RSR 

Rockwell and good music Inc. 
R&G2010 Zim zim zabob 

Rocolian records 
22 642/3/4/5 Great White Wonder 
22 644/5 Approximately 

Rolling Thunder records 
695 -  EP 

Rosephil records 
17623 Paris: all roads lead to Dylan 
17624 The great summer event in Paris  

Rover records 
(also see Peace) 
Little White wonder  
Live parts 

Royal sound 
RS007 True confessions 

Ruthless rhymes  
004 Life sentence 
CASH - Dylan Cash session 
JPGR  - 20 X  4 

- S - Return to Top 
BC70698HC Bob Dylan meets  
George Harrison and Johnny Cash  

Santa Claus records 
006 it's Christmas, jokerman! 

8450/4464 Bloodtakes  

Share records 
The greatest show on earth 

Shogun records 
13000 Fourth of July  
13100 Power efficient engine 

Singer's original double disk  
(S O D D)  (Kornyfone) 
000 All hallows Eve 1964  
007 Hurricane Carter benefit  
011 Barbed wire blues  

Bob Dylan in concert  
Daddy rolling Stone 

Sleepy dragon  
5503 Triumph 

SODS Great Sounds 
ARS 16 33 4,5,6,7,8,9 

S O D D  
(See Singer's original double disk)  

Space Records 
DP 1001/ 1002 At Home 

Speaking tube records 
What's the question? 

Spindizzie (TAKRL) 
2982 Beyond the shadow of a doubt 

2300 Osaka 

Straight records  
STR 002 A taste of the special stash 

Summertime production 
D Y 081 Live in Oslo 

Superbudget (See RIS) 

BD1967A  Basement tapes Vol.1 
BD1967B  Basement tapes Vol.2 

Swingin' pig  
ND8 Live at OFC (back) 
TSP 004 Tunes from the simple years 
TSP 008 Over the cliff 
TSP 009 Royal Albert Hall 1966 
TSP 014 Nearer to the fire 
TSP 016 Live adventures 
TSP 054 Manchester prayer 
Pro 001 Slice of swingin' pig I 
Pro 002 Slice of swingin' pig II 

Swingin Spliff Records 
Spliff002 Last thoughts on Henry Mancini 

-T-Return to Top 
(The amazing kornyfone record label)  
900 Royal Albert Hall  
1400 Sweetheart session 
1409 Dress rehearsal 
1900 Basics in G minor (E P )  
1912 Ode for Barbara Allen  
1952 Are you now or have you ever been?  
1962 Royal Albert Hall  
1963 Now your mouth cries Wolf  
1963 Now your mouth cries whoops  
1972 Joaquin antique  
1999 Bridgett's album / A vinyl headstone almost in place 
2400 Standing room only 
2982 Beyond the shadow of a doubt 
2982 Passed over and rolling Thunder 
2922 Love songs for America  
24900 Live in Adelaide  
24 910  Hurricane Carter benefit 
KF 1912 Ode for Barbara Allen 

 CL 16319 Ten of swords 

Ticket to Ryde LTD 
TOBE MILO 401 / 402  - Get it together 

(The kornyfone record 
 for the working man)  
1802 Live in Bangor 


TMOQ   /   TMQ 
(trademark of quality)  
001 Let me die in my footsteps 
1101-1110 Striptease box  
1101-1102 Newport/Manchester 
1103-1104 Freezer burn  
1105-1106 Striptease 
1107-1108 John Birch's massacre  
1109-1110 Royal Albert Hall 
115 - Royal Albert Hall 
116 / 1849 GWW Burn some more 
117 /1821 Best of GWW 
1805  / 1802 Now your mouth cries Wolf  
1818 - Royal Albert Hall 
1898 - Bridgett's album / Don't go away now 
2201   St. Valentine's Day massacre & more 
22 642 Great White Wonder 
31061 (same L.P. as 72101) 
501 / 1805 - Seems like a freeze out  
502 (BD 502) Talking Bear Mountain  massacre  picnic blues 
508 (BD 508) VD Waltz 
509 (BD 509) John Birch Society blues 
521 (BD 521) Isle of Wight 
534 (BD 534)  BBC Broadcast 
524 (BD 524) / 1862  Don't look back 
529 (BD 529) / 1861 Demo tapes 
552 (BD 552) Melbourne, Australia 
553 St. Valentine's Day massacre (three L.P. box)  
       St. Valentine's Day massacre (single L.P.) 
       St. Valentine's Day massacre ( 2 LP electric) 
554 (BD 554) Early 60's revisited 
61002 Melbourne Australia (EP)  
63001 St. Valentine's Day massacre (three L.P. box)  
           St. Valentine's Day massacre (single L.P.) 
           St. Valentine's Day massacre ( 2 LP electric) 
70 297 / 1848 & BD 521 While T. E. burns / Isle of Wight (2 LP set) 
71001 Stealin'  
71002 John Birch Society blues  
71006 While the establishment Burns  
71008 Seems like a freeze out  
71009 Talking Bear Mountain  massacre  picnic blues 
71017 Royal Albert Hall  
71027 VD waltz  
71033 Burn some more  
71034 Best of Great White Wonder  
71043 Let me die in my footsteps  
71045 Troubled troubadour  
71050 Isle of Wight  
71051 Blind boy grunt  
71055 Demo tapes  
71061 Don't look back  
71069 BBC broadcast  
71083 Early 60's revisited  
71100 Ponchatrain blues  
71110 Stem the tide 
71119 Dreams for sale 
72001 Great white wonder  
72001 Homesick blues  
72101 Soldier sons 
72110 Clearwater  
72118 Smoothing 
72119 Barcelona  
73005 While the establishment Burns  
73006 Burn some more  
73007 Blind boy grunt  
73008 Best of Great White Wonder  
73034 Bridgett's album  
73042 Dylan Cash session  
7501 BBC broadcasts  
7507 While the establishment Burns  
Blind Boy G - Blind Boy Grunt 

TMOQ (euro)  
B R E-8502/3 Up to me the  

2S910 Reprise  
2S927 Emotions  
1923 Exclusive  
1924 Left field  
1925 Royal Albert Hall 1966 
11953 Idiot wind again  
11954 Rundown studios 
The Australian collection (box set) 
45 mi. from nowhere  
Idiot wind  
Rundown studious  

Tobe Milo 
(Label is actually ('Ticket to Ryde') 
PRO 4 Q Get together 

Trademark of quality 
(See T M O Q 

318 Spanish leather 

TRW (Toasted record works) 
(See Toasted)  


-U - 
LPUP 5122 Rare batch of little white wonder 


- V - 
160 Snack 

Picnic (BM) 


- W -Return to Top 
Walking antiques productions 
KSLR001-  With wild wolves  
all around him- (On the road 80/81) 

W-24541 Footsteps ' 81  

Winklhofer records 
1848 While the establishment Burns 

Wheel records  
103- Motorcycle  

White bear  
(These double albums have long been rumored but have never been proven to exist)  
Ceremonies for the horsemen  
Epitaph to America  
Great American hawks  
It's been a long long time  
Long distance information  
Love songs  
Mom's apple pie  
On the road again  
Pony express  
Rare spots  
Sand and ashes  
Second time around  
Tarantula X I 

White Bear records 
Munich-Live in Munich  

Wicked Messenger Records 
HAR 168  Hold the fort for what it's worth 

World productions 
WPOCM 0888 C 004-1(A) Halloween mask 1 
WPOCM 0888 C 004-1(B) Halloween mask 2 
WPOCM 0888 B 003-1 Talking too much 

- X - 
(There are no known manufacturers) 

- Y - 
(There are no known manufacturers) 

- Z -Return to Top 
ZAP (Ze Anonym Plattenspieler) 
7850 Believe what you heard  
7856 The night  the revue came to Boston  
7877 On the road 74 to 75  
7883 Great White Wonder revisited  

LD (1-4) Looking back  

Zimmerman records  
L.P. 744 Looking back 


-?- Return to Top 
(Unknown record labels)  
111 A thousand miles behind 
1286  Portrait 
1818 Royal Albert Hall 
1961 Live 1961 
1965 He's your lover now 
2349-4BD His master's voice 
24 Just as well  
249 He was a friend of mine  
250 Only a hobo  
79-152/153 Live at the pit stop 78 
95 Double cross 
411 We didn't really get it on until Oakland 
417 GWW sings the JBS blues 
509 Isle of Wight 
570 Kindest cut  
660 Number one  
A/B/C/D/E/F -Great White Wonder (3-LP set) 
AHE1964  All hallows eve and more 1964  
AH LP 3 Royal Albert Hall 
Back to the roots  
Balance of tryst  
Basement    Woodstock revisited 
BD Highway 61 revisited again  
BD Spanish boot 
BD 1A  Just as well 
BD 105 Royal Albert Hall 
BD 183 Last infidels outtakes  
BD 509 John Birch Society blues 
BD 552 Melbourne, Australia 
BD 6386 Japanese whispers 
BD 6892  Live in Adelaide 
BD 6893 Beyond the shadow of a doubt  
BD 6893 Live in Sydney 1978 
BD 7070 EB Empire burlesque outtakes  
BD E 774 High-voltage  
BD G D (1-10) Joint adventures box 
BDLP 101 Great White Wonder 
BD MBT More music from big pink 
BDNP65 Newport  '65 
BDTO75 Dark as a dungeon  
Bob some more confession 
Bob  Sing a song for you 
BRE 84001 Rocks and gravel 
BSM 004 Royal Albert Hall 1966  
BM 1020  V.P.R.O. Picnic 
Byrd and the sparrow  
C7 Isle of Wight  
C I R 083 Clean cuts (picture disc) 
Could you start again please?  
D2 Lost poems  
DAB 614 / 616 GWW pt.2 
D B-1 Man in the long black coat over Germany 1 
D B-2 Man in the long black coat over Germany 2 
D B-3Man in the long black coat over Germany 3 
DD Sundown on the union  
Dirty drivin' rain 
DP 1,2,3  Live in Paris '78 
DS 78 Bob Dylan and his band  
DYL 101  UK Tour 
DYP-001 True confessions tour  
Great White Wonder- uncut (Matrix obliterated) 
G F 001-004 Great White Wonder  
G W 001-G W 0020 Bob Dylan euro box  
HB -  Dylan Cash session 
Highway 61 revisited again  
JS LP 1&2 A/B    Live 
J H Z 1A  The Zim's  picnic 
J P P 7001 Nashville sunset  
Last bash  
L D 1 Londondylan Volume one 
L D 1001 Live at Adelphi theatre 
L H Behind the lines of war 
Live in Paris ' 78 
L.P.-W Drunken farm boy 
M 81-A B behind the shades  
M R B C 026 Deadpan twist  
Munich     Munich 1984 
P 101 Chicago  
P 1970 Help 
P 1970 RSTO 1,2,3,4 Daddy rolling stone 
QWA Royal Albert Hall  
RAH 115 Royal Albert Hall 
RAH 1966 
RZ-004 Tales of Yankee power 
SM1010/AM234 Man of peace  
Sink or swim 
SL 87029 Dylan/ Dead studio I 
SL 87030 Dylan/ Dead studio II 
Sparrow and the byrd pt.2  
Stealin' II 
S R 41-Bob Dylan (picture disc)  
SW 340 Live 1974 
Tokyo    Last night in the far East  
UK-2 Earls court 
URE Stealin'  
Visions of Johanna  
Waters of oblivion 
WD 1962  Witmak demos 

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