E ntertainment Weekly magazine #614, dated Sept. 14, 2001 contains some great reading on Bob Dylan. EW always does a good job of reporting on Dylan, and this one is no exception. The music section, on pages 89 & 90 is a review of the new Dylan release "Love & Theft" by David Browne. There is also a ¾ page caricature of Bob by illustrator Jack Unruh. Neither article or illustration is as overwhelmingly flattering as some Dylan die-hards would like to see, but they're not bad. The new release is given an impressive A-.
The Internet section of EW, on page 96, features the best Dylan websites in the opinion of writer Stephen McGill. The page comes alive visually with the aid of the famous 1965 Globe photo of Bob playing a Fender bass. The Bob's Boots website is touted as the best place to learn about Dylan's boot recordings. You can see the page full size (110kb) by clicking on the thumbnail at right. You can also read and/or copy the site review in ASCII format here. EW has this review online as well, and can be seen on their website here.
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