.The Friends and Fans of bobsboots.com are the absolute best in the world!
Here are but a handful of the hundreds of emails received recently during the site change-over to a high speed Linux server

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Arlo Guthrie turned me on to this website! and i love your website! the last few days i cannot access you listing of Bob's bootleg cd's, it says "404 NOT FOUND  the
requested URL was not found on this server". i have a few of Dylan bootlegs and your site was PERFECT to see the CD playlist & your ratings and opinions!!
hopefully when i look at your site again tonight Bob's bootleg CD's listing will be viewable again!!
keep up the good work,

Please let me know when the CD page will be back up.  Your the best reference online, you know.  I depend on you religiously!

Just want to say I really miss your site... and I know there is many many others who also is hoping and waiting for this site to be up and running again.
  Regards/Tord, Sweden

I was speaking with guitarist John Jackson the other day, and your site came up. Seems we're both fans.
I had to come home to check it out again, and found the CD section missing! I hope everything is ok!
Rob - Nashville

Keep up the good work!
Mitch - Chelmsford UK

A great site you run!
Cheers   Jim

You have a fabulous site and one that I visit almost every day. However your link for CD ratings has been down for some time. It this going to be fixed soon? I'm a huge fan - of Dylan AND of your site which is THE MOST VALUABLE Dylan site around bar none. Would a donation for server fees, etc. be helpful??
thanks- Mark

Hey bobsboots!  First of all let me say how much of a fan I am of the site, I constantly use it as a refernce point. However over the past while I have been unable to explore the 'cd' boots, vinyl is fine. I am sure you are aware of this problem... Or maybe its just me:)
Regards, Simon (A worried Bobcat)    P.S. Much love from the Emerald Isle!!

bobsboots, I MISS YOU! COME BACK! But in the mean time, here's a cool story for you. I have a buddy named John who lives in a house that Neil Young grew up in. A couple months back, he looked out his window and saw his wife talking with a couple guys. He told me that he was admiring one guy's sweet boots, and nice threads.. then finally got to the face. He stared for a moment, and then thought to himself "No way!..... That's Bob Dylan in my yard!" Strange but true! Bob showed up out of the blue, and spent some time talking to them!
Is that cool, or what!!!
Jim - Winnipeg

I love your site

I know you are having problems with the site, but just wanted to say that I and, I know many others, appreciate all the hard work it takes to keep things going. It's the best site on the internet! I sent a small donation through Pay Pay - wish I could do more.

thanks - great site, love it and use it every day!
Mark B

Killer site!
Jack White - Nashville

Fantastic, thanks for the great Bobsite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome.  I know I use your page for all thing Dylan, and I turn others onto your site on a regular basis.  Good work!

Hey...thank you for the site.  I discovered it was working again early this week. GREAT!!!
Alan Lee

I am very happy that it is up again. And many thanks for all of the work that you and the others of Bobsboots are doing!
Best, Martin

Hello gang from bobsboots, I just wanted to welcome you guys back and let you know you were missed by lots when you were away :-)  Hope all is well
Cheers - Chris   Thanks, Chris! Love your comedy!! bobsboots.com

Hello Guys!  Welcome back!!  Hope everyone is well!  Glad to see you're up and running faster than ever!!!
All the very best,

So glad to have you back.

Great news! Glad you are up and running again, welcome back, we missed you!
All the best,
Keith R.


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